Poulsbo WA, WA

We spent a delightful afternoon and evening at the home of friends Cori and Michael.  Cori offered to let the girls use their kayaks and after a little instruction they were ready to try their hands at paddling and I must say did really well despite the oversized boat and paddles.  Marci picked it up quickly and moved with ease through the water.  Caroline was a bit more challenged because of her small size but with Cori acting as a rudder she did really well and even soloed.  3.1247556955.with-a-little-help-from-her-friends

It was great fun then George and I went out while the girls took a beach walk with Cori gathering treasures.


Kathy, joined us for dinner and a paddle.  While we relaxed on the deck, Michael took the girls on a treasure hunt in the garden.  Combined with the treasures they found on the beach both Marci and Caroline created  one-of-a-kind centerpieces for our dinner table.
We enjoyed a wonderful meal and then camped out in their driveway awaking the next morning to bird songs and a view through our hosts beautiful garden to Liberty Bay.


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