Olympic National Park WA, WA

After a delightful breakfast with Cori we headed to our next campsite, Heart O’ the Hills Campground in the Olympic National Park, secured a campsite and had a bite of lunch before driving up to Hurricane Ridge for our first hike.

It was a clear, sunny day so the hike up to Hurricane Hill gave us an unobstructed view of the Olympics to the  south and from the top a peek at Victoria through the marine fog layer.  It was a long 2 mile uphill hike for the girls with 650 feet of elevation gain but they made it with no complaints.  Wildflowers lined the trail and filled the meadows, lupine, cow parsnip, pearly everlasting, paintbrush, tiger lily (but no Peter Pan), heather, thistle and more we could not identify; we took the liberty of renaming a couple.   We even found a patch of snow for Marci and Caroline to enjoy on this very warm day.  Wandering along the ridge we stopped to take photos and enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world – absolutely glorious views in all directions.

Hiking back down we stopped to watch a mother grouse and her baby on the side of the trail and on the drive back to camp a mother deer and her fawn.

Back at camp Marci and Caroline pitched in with dinner duty and we settled in for the night, too tired to attend the ranger talk it was early to bed after a long day.


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