Farewell to Newfoundland

Farewell to Newfoundland
Rose Blanche Newfoundland, Canada

Rose Blanche Newfoundland, Canada

We have finally committed to leave the island and make a reservation on the ferry from Port Aux Basques to North Sydney for Friday morning so back on the TCH heading south with but one last diversion having been told not to miss the lighthouse at Rose Blanche along the south shore. Oh darn, another unexpected scenery spectacular. The light and cloudy mist combined with a setting sun yields some of the most stunning terrain and fall color but narrow shoulders and hardly any place to stop for photography creates great frustration. The lighthouse is situated, as you would expect on a rugged but colorful rocky point of land that is a drop dead beautiful site with breathtaking scenery at every point of the compass.

Abandoned, the stone lighthouse fell into disrepair and over time the main structure crumbled with only the stairway and part of the tower remaining. Local craftsmen were trained in masonry and undertook the task of completely restoring the building to its former elegance. Seventy percent of the reconstruction was with stone from the original building and the remainder was quarried locally. The inside features historically accurate living quarters for the lighthouse keeper and takes you back to the life of the keeper. It is a beautifully done restoration of a home that would be priceless in today’s economy. Another great example of preservation of the culture and lifestyles of Newfoundland pioneers.

September 25, 2009

Reluctantly we leave Newfoundland, an island that holds a wealth of natural beauty. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be able to explore the different regions at our leisure and to have, for the most part, lovely weather. There are many places we did not see and many we would like to see more of but there is that part of us ready to move on.
The crossing to Nova Scotia was much more comfortable than the crossing to Newfoundland, shorter for one thing, only 6 hours but we were also on what was once a cruise ship so the accommodations were very comfortable. We learned our lesson, this time a cabin – the only way to sail.


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