Family Reunion Maine & New Hampshire

Family Reunion Maine & New Hampshire
Newfields NH, NH

Newfields NH, NH

October 10, 2009

Drive from Bar Harbor to Bangor, VW service and groceries

October 11, 2009

We awoke to a beautiful day to drive north from Bangor to the town of Lincoln for a reunion with George’s 2nd cousin Ann and her family. We knew we had found the house when we saw Abby and Lauren run out on the deck and wave frantically as we passed by slowly. We were greeted by Ann, Adam, the girls and two dogs, Roxy and Pepper.

The afternoon went quickly as George and Ann caught up on the events of the past ten years. While George and Ann talked Abby (11) and Lauren (9) shared photos with Nancy and over the course of the afternoon lost their shyness to reveal their delightful personalities. Both girls play soccer and softball in season and Abby is learning to ski with a nice little practice slope in the backyard. It was a lovely afternoon that went too quickly and we hope they will visit us in Redmond some day.

October 12, 2009

A very chilly night, 33 degrees brrrrr, we were not anxious to get out from under the warm covers but time to move farther south. Crossing into New Hampshire for a visit with George’s cousin Peggy and her husband Bud in Newfields NH. Ten years have elapsed since George’s last visit and while he thought it would be easy enough to find their home not much looked familiar as we drove through the nearby towns but we did eventually find it with a little help and spent a wonderful evening with Peg, George catching up on the last ten years and Nancy getting acquainted.

October 13, 2009

Bud works evenings so we spent the morning visiting with him before taking off to explore Portsmouth a lovely old port city; settled in 1623 it claims to be the nation’s third oldest city. The downtown core is easily explored on foot with streets lined by old homes, some beautifully restored and others in need of a little TLC. The cemetery discloses some of the town history with gravestones dating back to the 1700’s. The port prospered with fishing, lumber and shipbuilding the principal businesses of the region.

It was a great day and as we were unloading the van back at Peg and Bud’s a police car drove up and the officer wanted to know what we were doing at the house. George identified himself and stated that we were visiting the Bragg’s. After a few minutes conversation the officer apparently believed him and drove away after taking George’s driver’s license information. We knew that the neighbors were connected to the Police Department so were not surprised when one of them called in the “strange” vehicle parked in the driveway. It was nice to know that the “neighborhood watch” works. Our tale gave Peg and Bud a good laugh.


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