The Maine Coast

The Maine Coast
York Maine, ME

York Maine, ME

October 14, 2009

After saying farewell to Peggy and Bud we wanted to tour some of the Maine seacoast before heading to Vermont. Before long we found ourselves in the very attractive town of York. A former resident had donated a huge tract of land to the city to create a park for public enjoyment. The park path led us to the beach and then to a seaside path clinging to the rocky slope beneath some beautiful “cottages”. Cottages are an understatement in terms of these enormous summer homes of the wealthy.

A short drive along Route 1A leads us to the Nubble light house on a beautiful point of land in the Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse is said to be the most photographed on the Maine coast and it would be hard to argue that claim from what we have seen so far. After a hearty clam chowder at a busy roadside drive in, we decide to drive on to Kennebunkport where we find loads of tourists wandering around like sailors after a long sea voyage. OK, enough of that, off to Vermont but wait, just one more stop at the Rachael Carson Nature Preserve where a peaceful walk through the colorful saltwater marsh was just the antidote for too many tourists in a small town.

At last we are finally on the road to Vermont until an officious New Hampshire traffic cop decides that George is driving too fast as we pass on a sharp curve. In short order he has George’s driver’s license and registration and looks very busy with his blue lights flashing atop his unmarked car . . . “but officer we were going the speed of traffic”. Dang, he returns my documents with a stern warning about my driving speed; we figured he must have called the Newfield’s’s police and decided that I deserved a break after the encounter yesterday. Soon we are “safe” across the border in Vermont and enjoying dinner with Cousin George and Nancy (the “official” George and Nancy, not the “real” George and Nancy). Tomorrow, we begin a tour of Vermont and the still very colorful trees.


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