Central Vermont

Central Vermont
Randolph VT, VT

Randolph VT, VT

October 17, 2009

Saturday and Dee is off to a workshop, Paul is home, it is a glorious sunny day and the garden calls to George and Paul. They spend the entire day pruning and clearing the large back yard that is home to blueberry bushes, apple trees, a pear tree and numerous perennials that have been neglected for a number of years as the house sat empty. This will be a beautiful garden next year with a little TLC.

October 18, 2009

Sunday we all pack into the car and head west to Shelburne Farms near Burlington for a little exploring and some photo ops.

Shelburne Farms was the vision of Dr. William Steward Webb, railroad entrepreneur and his wife, Lila (Vanderbilt) who purchased 3,800 acres on Lake Champlain in 1886 with the intention of creating an exemplary agricultural estate. Webb enlisted the services of renowned architects, Robert H. Robertson to design the buildings and Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. who conceptualized the layout of the farm, field, and forest. Olmsted incorporated the construction of carriage trails and roads with the strategic planting of hundreds of thousands of trees.

The family residence, now the Shelburne Inn, embodied the panache of the period and yet remained comfortable and progressive. Over the years Shelburne Farms evolved from a private estate into an environmental education center.

We ended the day in the town of Vergennes just a short drive from Shelburne where we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the Black Sheep Bistro, well worth the drive if you are anywhere in the area. Thanks for the recommendation Kathryn!


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