The Charles River and Museum of Natural History

The Charles River and Museum of Natural History
Watertown MA, MA

Watertown MA, MA

October 25, 2009

We awoke to a glorious sunny day, perfect for a bike ride along the Charles River. Jeff joined us for the first part of the ride, as we rode toward Cambridge and then he left to get in a good ride while we dawdled with many stops for photos. It was a lovely ride through a tree-lined ribbon of parkway along the river and we took our time, crossing the river at one point to Memorial Drive that had been closed to vehicles for the day making a wide path for pedestrians, joggers, skaters, bikes and children to enjoy.

Jeff was home by the time we returned and with healthy appetites we walked to a nearby restaurant, Not Your Average Joes, for an early dinner.

October 26, 2009

Another beautiful sunny day for us to explore the Harvard Museum of Natural History while Jeff was at work.

The museum has incorporated an incomparable collection from three parent museums, zoology, herbaria and the mineral and geologic museums into one building. The glass flowers would top our list of exhibits. Over 3,000 exquisitely detailed models of 830 plant species are displayed, crafted by artisans Leopold Blaschka and his son, Rudolph in their Dresden studio. The commission began in 1886 and continued for five decades producing models for teaching botany. We still find it difficult to believe these delicate models are glass but indeed they are. The museum held us for a large part of the day but as the sun shone in the windows we felt the need to get out and enjoy it with a walk so decided to ride back toward home as far as Mt. Auburn Cemetery about 2 ½ miles from Jeff’s place.

You may think the cemetery an odd place to walk but Mt. Auburn was beautiful with hundreds of stately old trees highlighted by shades of green and brilliant shades of yellow, red and orange foliage. Wandering through a portion of 174 acres of large family burial plots we were awed by the peaceful and serene nature of this place. The land here had been set side in the 1831 and is on the list of historic landmarks.

Virginia’s husband, Steve, was due to arrive in Boston at 5 p.m. to attend meetings and we had planned to meet him in town for dinner so, when Jeff arrived home we headed back into Boston. We had a nice walk to his hotel and then were off to find a restaurant. We settled on one not too far from the hotel, Sel de la Terre, and the food was simply amazing! I have never had a bad meal in Boston.

Tomorrow we head south.


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