Shelling Beach

Shelling Beach
Edisto Beach State Park SC, SC

Edisto Beach State Park SC, SC

The road out to the beach gives us a glimpse at rural life in the low country with small villages and roadside stands selling sweetgrass baskets, “antiques”, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

Sitting on a narrow strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and a salt marsh Edisto Beach State Park is a jewel and we are given the last campsite overlooking the marsh.

In the village we stock up on just enough groceries for dinner and check out. As we walk away from the check stand the cashier says to George “turn around . . . the hat ” we didn’t understand
exactly what he was saying and then he repeated “the hat”. Brad, the store manager is a die-hard Seahawk fan and George was wearing his Seahawks hat. We don’t know if he saw George in the
store or what but he came downstairs to greet us and revealed he had been a Seahawk fan since the days of Steve Largent. He has visited other cities including New Orleans to see the
team play and plans his first west coast trip next year to see them play in Seattle. He was anxious to talk football being the “only Seahawk fan on the east coast”. As we left he said to be sure to see him if we needed anything at all while in Edisto.

We get settled just in time for a short beach walk at sunset, a few birds feed in the ebbing tide and the setting sun casting a golden glow on the sand. Gorgeous.

After coffee we walk the beach and collect a few shells to remind us of this little piece of paradise before heading to Beaufort SC.


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