The Tennessee Woods

The Tennessee Woods
Fall Creek Falls State Park TN, TN

Fall Creek Falls State Park TN, TN

November 28, 2009

We both lay in bed late this morning, it is cold, very cold and finally we decide enough is enough and turn on the floor furnace, aah. A cup of hot coffee and bright sunshine, another beautiful day! As we pack up to leave camp a couple stops to check out our van. They are planning to drive from Tennessee to Alaska and are were intrigued by our van. We share with them the pros and cons of the VW, leaving them with food for thought.

We had one last stop to make before leaving the park, Piney Falls and a tempting suspension bridge. Let me clarify George was tempted and bounced his way across; I saw it as my duty to record the crossing so stayed behind to take photos, a small sacrifice. On our way back up the trail we spoke with a nice couple from the Cincinnati area who are also photography buffs so we talked cameras and photography with them before leaving them to bounce and sway their way across the gorge. I got the distinct impression that she too might make the ultimate sacrifice and stay behind to record the event.

We thought we had seen the major sites in the park when just before leaving the park we spotted another beautiful rock wall with the sun perfectly highlighting the rock face so we stopped for photos and found it casting a lovely reflection in the river. It was called George Hole.

This has been quite a day for George, bright sunshine, TWO suspension bridges and now a very narrow, winding, hilly road with no shoulders and blind curves. Did I mention the speeding locals? It would be a wonderful road for a maniac motorcyclists or psychotic sports car drivers. We see now where NASCAR drivers must have trained.

Safely back on the interstate we head for Nashville.


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