Freezing in Frisco

Freezing in Frisco
Frisco TX, TX

Frisco TX, TX

December 4-8, 2009

The drive from Arkansas to the Dallas area was sunny but cold with pretty unremarkable landscape. We arrived in Frisco, Texas in the late afternoon just in time for the kids to come home from school. They seemed surprised to see us and we don’t think Zachary, the youngest, remembered us but we began to get reacquainted over the next couple of days.

Saturday was sunny but cold, very, very cold and windy, however, we rode our bikes to the park; Greg, Mel, Zach and Nancy stopped to play baseball while George, Cameron and Brendan rode along a river trail for a couple of miles but the boys were under dressed and too cold to continue so they quickly headed for home while George returned to the park for a little baseball.

Using helmets as bases Mel managed to hammer a few home and Zach held his own. Nancy on the other hand learned that she still couldn’t field a ball, can’t run fast or catch worth a darn but she did manage a home run her one time at bat. It was fun to be outside getting a little exercise and to see the kids run around enjoying themselves. Returning home the boys were already plugged into their electronic games and that entertained them for the entire afternoon.

In the evening we attended Frisco’s “Merry Main Street”, a holiday celebration in downtown Frisco to see and hear Brendan perform with his school choir. Thankfully a shuttle bus was available to take us from an arena parking lot to the downtown core because it was windy and bitter cold. The area was quite festive with lights over the streets between rooftops, outlining the buildings and trees with a large Christmas tree in the town center.

Area school choirs took turns performing on the steps of City Hall and presented a lovely holiday concert; it was such a pleasure to see and hear Brendan perform with his peers. After the concert we visited a few other activities going on beside the concert and walked around but it was just too cold with the wind and low temperatures. We lasted about an hour and headed home.

Sunday brought rain, all day long; Zach attended a birthday party in the afternoon with dad and the rest of us just hung out.

Monday brought more rain and cold temperatures. George and I did some errands and then joined the family that evening for another holiday treat, Cameron’s winter concert. He plays the trombone in the middle school symphonic band. They put on a beautiful concert at the high school and we were very impressed with the level of play.

Tuesday brought a misty rain in the morning and by late afternoon blue sky and yet another diversion this afternoon as we accompanied Zach and Brendan to their gymnastics training. Brendan is quite accomplished, performing at Level 5. We sat on hard wooden benches for 2 ½ hours totally captivated by his ability. Certainly we are somewhat biased but he does show great promise and is poetry in motion when he runs through his routines. He is getting ready for a big meet on Saturday we would have loved to see but the family is expecting other guests tomorrow so we will move west in the morning.

Checking the weather forecast our planned route through northwest Texas into Santa Fe looks snowy with extremely cold nights, down to 11 degrees, much too cold for camping. We have decided to take the southerly route through Abilene, El Paso and will recheck the forecast but probably head for Tucson.


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