Texas Cotton Fields, Wind Farms and Oil Wells

Texas Cotton Fields, Wind Farms and Oil Wells
Sweetwater Texas, TX

Sweetwater Texas, TX

December 9, 2009

The sun has returned but we are not looking forward to the long road ahead, for us at least two more days to reach the Texas/New Mexico border, two days without much distraction.

It takes us an hour to clear the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with its labyrinth of intersecting and paralleling freeways, tollways and service roads. One road can have three or four names as it cross through different small suburban communities, adding to the confusion when trying to navigate in new territory.

I will admit up front that this is but a snapshot of west Texas from the road, not at all an intimate portrait.

A stretch of rolling hills, mounds really, led us into a foreign landscape, flat and wide open with cattle and horse ranches then fields of cotton and wind farms for as far as the eye can see. Oil wells begin to spring up in the fields right along with the cattle and cotton. We pass pieces of property that are strewn with rusting cars, machinery and years of accumulated cast offs, lots of land and lots of junk, not very attractive panoramas.

Texas is all about energy whether it is oil or wind power, you see evidence of it everywhere. The countryside is flat, dry, and barren with the exception of scrub plants and sagebrush and then we begin to see and smell the oil refineries and the odor of oil permeates the air. We stop for the night in Sweetwater Texas, an oil town, not much to see or do but get a good night’s sleep.


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