More of the same . . .

More of the same . . .
El Paso Texas, TX

El Paso Texas, TX

December 10, 2009

Another sunny day without a cloud in the sky, good weather for what’s left of our journey across Texas; we have hopes of reaching El Paso tonight. The scenery is unchanged from yesterday, more oil wells with small towns seemingly devoted to supplying oil drilling equipment, repairing same or refining; as I-10 turns north to follow the Rio Grande along the Mexican border we begin to see the familiar shape of mountains on the horizon, a welcome distraction.

We struggle to find the praiseworthy attributes of Texas; the stars at night ARE big and bright, the sky is blue, the roads are good, Texas does produce the fuel that has allowed us to undertake this journey without restriction and we have had some pretty darn good BBQ. We have not had much opportunity to meet the people or explore areas in depth, I think one would need to work harder to “discover” Texas than we have but we are now looking forward to moving west and the green, green grass of home and hoping that we don’t find it covered with snow. We should enter New Mexico right after breakfast.


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