Camping next to a winery

Camping next to a winery
Paso Robles CA, CA

Paso Robles CA, CA

December 18, 2009

The drive from Joshua Tree led us through mountains and more high desert, the road was like a roller coaster with long straight, steep stretches until we descended into the Bakersfield area and entered an area with a thick marine layer or fog or smog, we are uncertain which, but it covered the valley north to south and the only way out of it seemingly was to continue west which we did. As we crossed the threshold of the coastal range we left the fog/smog behind us. The sun was shining through a thin layer of marine air and the beautiful rolling hills of California’s coast welcomed us back to the Pacific.

Coming into Paso Robles we quickly spotted an RV park and pulled in, tired from the long drive. To our surprise there was a footpath connecting the park with the Firestone Winery, how convenient for us and not to let that opportunity pass we quickly set up the van and just before sunset walked up to the winery, tasted a few wines and made our purchase for the evening, a nice sauvignon blanc. On further inquiry we learned that we had entered a huge wine area with 200 wineries nearby most noted for zinfandels. Neither one of us knew that the wine region extended this far south but it was a delightful discovery; there is even shuttle service between wineries so a person could camp and be shuttled about all day free to taste wines without having to get behind the wheel, an additional benefit. It was also one of the nicest parks we have stayed in to date, spotlessly clean with very nice facilities.


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