Highway 1

Highway 1
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, CA

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, CA

December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve!

Prior to leaving we visited one more winery before driving to the coast and connecting with California’s scenic coastal Highway 1. It has been at least 40 years since Nancy has driven this stretch of Highway 1 and maybe 12 years for George. In that period of time we noticed significant changes, the coastline is still stunning but we witnessed areas of extensive damage along the steep hillsides that rise up from the road, areas that have been denuded of all vegetation, evidence of massive rock slides and reconstruction of roadways underway on many sections of the roadbed.

Along the way we stopped on a beach that was strewn with elephant seals, a couple of babies among the gathering. We watched and marveled as the enormous males dragged themselves up on the beach with great effort. The group was quite vocal and we watched with great interest as one baby, very young, tried and tried to nurse but could not quite find the right spot. It cried and cried and mom tried to reposition a couple of times we finally had to leave and don’t know if the baby ever connected.

It was a long drive but we made it to Big Sur State Park and camped for the night. It was getting dark when we drove in making it difficult to see any detail but it looked as though there had been a lot of flooding in the campground evidence by closed campsites, downed trees and mud everywhere. We found a spot and settled in for the night.


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