Tom McCall Preserve

Tom McCall Preserve
Mosier OR, WA

Mosier OR, WA

An early wake-up as the sun streamed through the window about 5:00 a.m. which we quickly remedied by lowering the blinds, a couple more hours of sleep and coffee delivered to the room, now that’s service! Fully caffeinated we found a nice little restaurant in town for breakfast and then headed out for a day of hiking and photography.

The preserve lies in the transition zone between the moist, heavily forested west side of the Cascades and the drier prairies of the east. We arrived in time for the stunning spring wildflower display that graces the plateau and both sides of the trail leading up to McCall Peak. It was a spectacular day. We could see the top of Mt. Adams across the river in Washington and to the south the tip of Mt. Hood. From McCall Peak, 1,000 feet above the plateau Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams come into full view. Photographing the flowers was quite challenging because the wind in the gorge is unrelenting but gave it our best shot, so to speak.


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