The Rio Frio

Rain again this morning but today we have will travel north toward the Nicaraguan border to the town of Los Chiles where we board a boat to explore the Rio Frio. By the time we arrive the sun is trying to make an appearance.

Los Chiles

The river shore is rich with bird life and we spot a little blue heron, green heron, anhingas, cormorants, a snowy egret, egrets, turkey vulture, Capuchin monkeys, iguana and long nosed bats in the trees, a caiman, Jesus Christ Lizard and that’s all I can remember.

Little Blue Heron

Green Heron

Snowy Egret

There were a couple of farms along the river and we could see cows grazing in a pasture as well as a young woman and her daughter carrying lambs from one pasture to another along the river edge.  We cruised as far as the Nicaraguan border, photo ops for many folks near the border crossing and then we headed back to Los Chiles.  It was a nice change of scenery and we felt fortunate to have seen so many different birds and animal.

Mary had a Little Lamb

We stopped for lunch at a spot with a bird feeder next to the outdoor dining area; it was filled with fruit and a new assortment of birds including a red-legged honey creeper, a beautiful brilliant blue bird also a green female seed feeder, new to me but I did not get a photo.  I love watching the birds feed and we found out that they use the feeders to keep the bird out of the orange trees.

Bird Feeder

Red Footed Honey Creeper

Moving on we made a quick stopped to see green iguanas congregating near a bridge and hanging in the trees, quite impressive.

Iguana in Napping Pose

Back to Termales del Bosque for one last night and another lovely dinner with a seafood soup, fresh salad, sea bass, vegetable and of course rice and beans.


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