Monteverde Cloud Florest

The view from our hotel room high on the hill is breathtaking, there are trees below that attract the birds; they serenade us as we awaken to another day in paradise.  This is by far the most elegant hotel we have stayed in, very modern, well appointed, a lovely balcony for viewing sunsets and there are trails into the forest at the top of the to be explored another day.

A Room with a View

Today we take a short drive to Monteverde to hike in the Cloud Forest Reserve.  The trail is wonderful, many birds, flowering trees and shrubs, trees heavy with epiphytes and bromeliads and as we approach the top of the trail, a clearing where we catch glimpses of the valley below before the clouds tumble down the slopes and obscure the views.  Throughout the hike Andres continued to astound us with his ability to identify birds and even a thumbnail size frog from a sound or a slight movement while the rest of us had to depend on his guidance and the aid of binoculars for good viewing.  It was a wonderful 3-hour hike, with a rich diversity of plants.

Overhanging Branches

Bromeliads & Epiphytes Cling to Branches

Passion Flower

For lunch we dined at another lovely outdoor restaurant that also offered handmade chocolate and a bat tour, strange combination but the lunch was delicious.

After lunch we took a canopy walk on a series of suspension bridges strung high in the canopy.  It was a nice contrast to our morning hike through the understory, very different perspective. The hanging bridge circuit includes both bridges and trails; the bridges overlook the dense canopy and the trails connect to the bridges and run through primary rainforest, allowing us a good view into the upper reaches of the forest.   We were able to get a different perspective of the insects, birds, flowers, plants and trees that call this forest home. Unfortunately there was too much motion on the bridges to get good photos and many spots were just too dark but we stayed back from the group and were able to snap a few representative photos and it really was quite beautiful near the top of the trees.  I didn’t even mind the swaying bridges very much.

Hanging Bridges

Light Play

Light Play

We walked a few blocks towards town for dinner at a little restaurant called Sofia’s where I had a delicious eggplant and goat cheese quesadilla, a nice glass of wine and no rice or beans for a change.