Home Tour 1

The Biblioteca, sponsors a program to educate the children of San Miguel de Allende, raising funds by giving home tours.  A large staff of volunteers offer free tutoring in English and Spanish, stories read in English and Spanish, children are welcome to use the library to do their homework.  They also offer music, art and computer skills classes.  Some of the children’s art work is for sale at the library.  In the 50 years that it has operated the library has grown to become the second largest bilingual library in Latin America. The library also offers lectures, movies and even plays.  It is well run, active and a positive addition to the community.

Each Sunday folks gather in the courtyard of the library to enjoy conversation or listen to local musicians before boarding the bus for the tour.  It is a much larger crowd than we experienced in Merida but very well organized.

The first home on the tour today was purchased in 2004.  The owner added a casita where she lived for 4 years while adding a palapa, pergola, driveway and fountain. The house was simple and looked comfortable and the garden was filled with colorful tile work, objects, murals, plants creating a little wonderland.

The second house was a 40-year old residence high on the hill above San Miguel stunning views, beautiful gardens, five ponds that feed into each other and terraces on each level; the owners private quarters are on the first floor.

View from Bedroom

View from Bedroom

Seven rooms of this beautiful home are available for rent as a part of the luxurious bed and breakfast. The rooms are beautiful.


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