We spent three days in Guanajuato, just an hour by bus from San Miguel de Allende, it is a city that’s best explored on foot with European-style plazas linking neighborhoods, cobblestone streets and callejones or alleyways that wind up and down the hillside; many are pedestrian-only, too narrow for cars.


Entry to one of the many tunnels

The Guanajuato River used to flow beneath the city and frequently caused the city streets to flood during the rainy season. In the mid-20th century, engineers constructed a dam redirecting the river, alleviating flooding. The redirection of the river left behind a network of underground tunnels that have been converted into roadway diverting most of the traffic out of the historic center.


Guanajuato is a colorful city with houses climbing the steep hillsides and the narrow alleyways leading to beautiful territorial views.  The University adds vibrancy to the city and here, as in San Miguel, we enjoyed the free outdoor evening concerts presented in the plazas, everything from Mariachi bands to an outstanding performance by a tenor and beautiful young soprano that left us with wanting more; they were amazing.


Looking down on the Church of San Diego from high  atop the hill

A furnicular runs up the hillside to a monument named after a local hero known as the Pipila.  From here an unobstructed view of  the historic center and the colorful homes running up the opposite hillside.  A great place for sunset photos although the evening we went up there was not much color.  We tried following the narrow alleyways to the top but kept running into dead ends, it is quite a maze and without local knowledge or an adequate map we did not make it to the top but enjoyed the walkways.

Colorful homes line the narrow alleyways

Colorful homes line the narrow alleyways


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