Sunday Home Tour 2

Home tours began about 50 years ago by local foreign residents to provide visitors with the chance to see “behind the hidden walls” of San Miguel. There are over 300 houses on the roster with new homes never-before-seen on the tour being shown on a regular basis.

Casa #1 is on the hill above where we are staying but nestled in the trees.  The house was built over the remains of an 18th century tannery in order to use water from the two springs located at the front of the house.  During construction several archeological figurines from the Chichimeca culture were found and embedded in the wall on the stairs in front of the dining room.


Entryway and Terrace


Zapote Tree planted in the 1940's

Zapote Tree planted in the 1940’s


Living Room

Living Room and Doors to Upper Terrace

Dining Room

Dining Room Opens to Terrace



Casa #2 is a large, light filled condo in a gated development with million dollar views of San Miguel and the distant mountains.   The decor is casually elegant showcasing textiles and pottery with lots of color.  It is a beautiful home and the terraces and rooftop offer sweeping views.

Living Room

Living Room


Casa #3 is right in Centro, the smallest home we have seen with three levels maximizing light and open space and bring a garden view into every room.  The center courtyard with fountain brings in lots of light.  From the rooftop terrace and vegetable garden there are views of church domes and La Parroquia.  It has more of  modern feel than the other homes but is quite livable and I like the smaller size, not necessarily the style but it was a nice size.


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