Children’s Festival

The Thursday and Friday before Palm Sunday festivities centered around the children of San Miguel.  We missed a children’s parade on Thursday but did see all sorts of lady bugs, princesses, peter pans, snow whites, etc. walking back home as we were walking to the Jardin, they were so cute, little ones, maybe 5 years old or younger, so sorry we missed it.   It appeared that each class or school had a theme thus the groups of characters all in the same costume.


On Friday we were entertained by a series of  performances by elementary-aged children and perhaps some middle school-aged children doing dances, one group enacted a mock bull-fight, one group presented a narration on nutrition and then demonstrated some lively exercises, other groups dressed in traditional costumes performed dances and there was even a cheerleading component, all delightful.  The audience was full of proud parents, brothers, sisters and friends, lots of smiles from both participants and spectators.


A Happy Spectator


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