Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday represents the entrance of Jesus the Nazarene into Jerusalem and the fulfilling of a prophecy.

In el Centro, near the churches, street vendors offer intricately woven palm fronds in the shape of crosses, flowers or stars. These palms are blessed during the mass and are placed in homes to protect them from evil.

A procession, headed by the parish priest leaves from Parque Juárez and heads to the Parroquia along Calle Sollano.  The street is adorned with flowers and palms.  Behind the priest some people carry an image of Jesus riding a donkey followed by parishioners.  The procession is a way to remember the prophecy that Jesus would arrive in Jerusalem not on a horse, but riding a donkey, the transportation used by the slaves at that time.  The people knew the prophecy and for that reason when he arrived they started throwing fabrics and palm fronds (which represent victory and honor).


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