Sunday Home Tour 3

The first house on todays tour was the Blue Elephant house, built by two artists.  It is a modest sized home near Centro.  The living room is 18x18x18 with glass walls, a fountain and skylight. It was much more modern than most we have seen, very light and airy with a wonderful rooftop terrace and garden with a nearby jacaranda tree in full bloom.

The second house included Chapel of Jimmy Ray, a fanciful creation of Anado McLaughlin (Jimmy Ray is a mythical character that Anado has been flirting with in his art for many years).

The gallery area contains three buildings, the office, the “throne room” or composting toilet and the Chapel of Jimmy Ray. Anado combines recycled materials with intricate mosaic work using local Talavera tiles along with sea sheels, mirrors and found objects.

The house, Casa de las Ranas, has been called the “happiest house in San Miguel”.   It is filled to overflowing with whimsy, playful mosaics, little vignettes everywhere.  It seemed that every inch held surprises.  I don’t think I could live amid so much color but it was sure fun to visit.  The house is not just a home but a joyful art installation.

The exterior is awash with mosaics found objects, murals and more.


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