Leavenworth WA

We took our time packing the van, it has been almost a year since our last trip and it always takes a couple of outings before we get into a rhythm and remember everything on our list. We didn’t get out of town until about 1 p.m., had to stop at the bank and get some money, had to find propane, stop for groceries, etc. etc. etc.  A slow start to say the least; it was threatening to rain and we saw no reason to hurry, deciding to head for Leavenworth just a couple of hours away. More delays, once on the highway we realized it had been a long time since breakfast and we would never make it across the pass without food so one more stop, this time at the Maltby Café where they always serve up a tasty meal.  Despite the fact we were famished we opted for moderation and split a sandwich . . . good choice, their servings are enormous.

The Maltby Cafe

The Maltby Cafe


Highway 2 over Stevens Pass is a really beautiful drive and as we neared Leavenworth, with the river running high we saw four kayakers running the river, bobbing around like colorful corks among the rapids.

Leavenworth, a little Bavarian-like village with the rugged peaks of the Cascade Range as a backdrop.  We were still full from lunch when we arrived so we found a campsite and then went back into town to our favorite little restaurant, Pavz, for crepes and a glass of wine.  I managed to eat part of a salad but George had a beautiful portabella crepe and he helped me with my salad – we had a really big lunch!

Downtown Leavenworth

Vincent in downtown Leavenworth


Back at the campsite we walked the grounds and then settled in for the evening.  Not long after our walk the rains returned; I am hopeful that tomorrow will bring sunshine.

Pine Cones in the Meadow

Pine Cones in the Meadow

We hope to ride the bike trail from Confluence State Park, about 45 minutes away, where the Wenatchee River joins the Columbia River;  the Apple Capital Loop is a 10-mile loop that runs along the east and west sides of the Columbia River and promises to be a pretty ride.  I hope get the kinks out and to see how my hip handles the ride.   I did well yesterday and the pedaling actually felt good but getting on and off my bike is a tremendous challenge.  Maybe by the end of the week I will have perfected my mount and dismount.


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