Time to Head North

We decided to drive back up to Wenatchee and try again to ride the Apple Loop Trail, hoping for less wind.


It was a beautiful drive north but with the late start and our usual slow pace it was late by the time we neared Wenatchee so we looked for a campsite but the Confluence State Park, located right on the bike trail, was full for the weekend; we should know better on a weekend but just are not very good at planning ahead.  A quick Google search for campsites in nearby Leavenworth revealed the KOA where we stayed on the first night – it was not that great – and an RV park on Icicle River, not that sounds more like it.  The park was about 4 miles out of town and when we arrived the hosts pointed out two sites available right on the river – perfect!  Just as we backed in two kayakers paddled by, the river was running pretty fast but they looked quite comfortable as they dodged rocks and bobbed up and down.    It was a beautiful site and a good place to keep in mind for future trips.  We talked to the hosts for a while, nice couple from the Tri-Cities, 3rd day on the job after just retiring.  I asked how late in the season they stayed open thinking this would be a good stop in the fall and they do stay open through Oktoberfest but mentioned that they also book up early in the season so we may not be quite so lucky in the future to find a site on the river.


Icicle River

Icicle River

It was a lovely evening with the sound of the river lulling us to sleep.


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