Apple Capital Loop Trail

We made one last trip back into Wenatchee to ride the Apple Capital Loop Bike Trail along the Columbia River.  Parking at Walla Walla Point Park gave us easy access to the trail and no day use fee, something you have to pay if you park at the Confluence State Park.   After a few adjustments . . . my rear brake was not working . . . we were on our way.  The Apple Capital Loop Trail is the longest loop trail in the State at 10 miles running along the Columbia River. The west side of the trail features an urban waterfront park system complemented by the rich diversity of natural habitat on the eastern shoreline.   Being a Sunday there was a lot of activity on the trail and in the parks that dot the shoreline.   IMG_6356

Not far from our start point we passed through a sculpture garden and by an old rail depot and industrial area before crossing the first bridge over the river and dropping us into an area of homes and natural habitats.  There were some gentle ups and downs but most of the trail is flat. We had noticed an old bus converted into a food truck of sorts so when we ended the ride we wandered over and talked the young man running the business.  He served a wide variety of organic smoothies and was happy to make up any combination if we didn’t see what we wanted.  They were delicious and the perfect refreshment for a warm day. We were both really happy that we had come back to ride the trail, it is lovely and we will probably revisit it whenever we pass through Wenatchee but now it was really time to head home.



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