A Different Sort of Adventure

To say that I am eager to be on the road again is a huge understatement; I have been sidelined by recent hip surgery and now am two months into recovery with little to do besides daily walks, strengthening exercises and physical therapy appointments.  This has left me with hours to spend researching travel and my head is swimming with ideas.  I am driving George crazy; he can’t keep up with my seemingly endless string of itineraries and happily accompanies me on daily walks, probably to get me away from the computer and more travel research.

This time has given us the opportunity to explore our new surroundings and we feel indeed fortunate to have moved into this community where we are quickly making friends and finding that there is more to do than hours in the day.  Our favorite activity is walking the miles and miles of forest trails.

With May, June and July filled with sunny days, unusual for the northwest, we have tried to take full advantage by walking our local trails and  I offer a few photos from recent walks . . . We hope to be back on the road by the end of September.


Trillium - Sunrise Loop Trail

Trillium – Sunrise Loop Trail


Miner's Lettuce - Collin Creek Trail

Miner’s Lettuce – Collin Creek Trail





Reflections - Sunrise Loop Trail

Reflections – Sunrise Loop Trail







Forget-Me-Nots - Collin Creek Trail

Forget-Me-Nots – Collin Creek Trail


Damselfly on Leaf

Damselfly on Leaf


Siler's Mill Trail

Siler’s Mill Trail


Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe





Prunella Vulgaris - Sunrise Loop Trail

Prunella Vulgaris – Sunrise Loop Trail


Butterfly on Fern Frond

Butterfly on Fern Frond




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