A long flight but thanks to a strong tail wind it was actually only 8-1/2 hours instead of 9, it is the small things in life.  We arrived early morning, and took a cab to the hotel where we dropped our bags before heading to the streets in search of coffee.  Fully caffeinated we walked, and walked and walked until we could walk no more.  Exhaustion began to set in and still it wasn’t time to check-in so we stopped for lunch to kill some more time.

Joni and Mary

Joni and Mary

We napped until dinnertime and then walked a few blocks to the New York Steakhouse where we enjoyed a delightful dinner (rocket salad and grilled prawns).


Sunday was very cold and very windy so we were happy to devote most of the morning to a wonderful Rembrandt exhibit at the Rijksmuseum.  100 works gathered from museums and collections around the world.  It was worth all of the long lines and small crowded rooms.



The Jewish Bride (1667)

The afternoon was spent exploring the area from the museum to Dam Square and back then the hotel; we had a late lunch so skipped dinner.  Feeling like we’ve worked out the kinks from sitting in a cramped plane for 9 hours.


Elegant homes line the canals


Bicycle parking barge

Cattywampus houses showing their age

Cattywampus houses showing their age


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