Buenos Aires: Parting Shots

Rather than order this blog chronologically I have grouped all of the shots from Buenos Aires right up front.  In reality we were there three different times.  We arrived into Buenos Aires, spent a couple of days before moving on to Calafate.  Then we flew back to Buenos Aires from the southern most point of our trip, spent another day and night before flying to Iguazu Falls and returned once more to catch our flight home.  In all we had 4 days in the city and began to feel very comfortable there, it is a good walking city if you like to walk but the sidewalks and streets are always crowded.

As I mentioned it is not a particularly attractive city so we had to really look for photo ops.  There are lovely little nooks and crannies but mostly narrow crowded streets and a jumble of architectural styles. Here are some random parting shots.



Street Festival

Symphony in the street

Symphony in the street



The ever-present Evita


Fisherman’s Club


Downtown greenery

Rooftop pool and lounge area in our hotel

Beautiful Building Details


San Telmo Neighborhood

Park near La Recoleta

Quiet Sunday

Downtown Hotel

San Telmo Neighborhood

Cartoon figure in the San Telmo neighborhood

Brazilian Embassy

Brazilian Embassy


Escuela Presidente Roca in downtown plaza



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