Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

We awoke at first light, hoping for a spectacular sunrise; muted colors framed the massive peaks I wouldn’t describe it as spectacular sunrise but it was lovely and worth getting up to see. Outside our window the horses were grazing and a frisky colt was kicking up its heels, what fun.



After breakfast we had a choice of horseback riding or hiking, we chose to hike as my back was a little wonky but we did walk over to see the riders off on their adventure.



Once they left we walked from the hotel down to the river and along the shore, the river is running very high after the recent rains combined with the spring snow melt. It felt good to be walking and I think everything is back in alignment for now.  Some of the horses were out in the pasture as we walked by, these gorgeous animals are definitely hardy stock, able to live in harsh conditions and withstand the severe Patagonian winters.


After our walk we had little lunch at the hotel and then headed out for an afternoon hike around Lago Grey, about a 30-minute drive from the hotel. Did I mention the weather was not wonderful? It was cold, windy and raining so we bundled up and donned our rain gear. The hike begins by crossing a suspension bridge, never one of my favorite things to do but once across we hiked through the forest emerging onto the shores of the lake.


A gravel spit spread across to an island where we thought we might get a glimpse of Grey Glacier. The lake held numerous icebergs and bergy bits of different sizes. We trudged across the gravel and to the end of the island but clouds hung low and never did reveal the glacier at the end of the lake. Still in spite of the weather it was a nice hike.




Eduardo invited us to join him in the bar after dinner to cheer for Chile in a soccer game against Columbia. There was quite a crowd gathered when we got there and while we stayed and watched about half the game none of us could make it to the end . . . too tired. It ended in a tie, neither Eduardo nor Kris nor very happy about that.


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