Iguaçu Falls Brazil & Argentina

This morning we had an early start in order to cross the border into Brazil with the hope of beating the crowds to the falls. A stone path leads through the park to several platforms with excellent views of the falls from many different angles. You can get close enough to the thundering torrents to feel the power and the spray. Walkways take you over the waterways to some impressive falls and a very different view than from the Argentinean side. We spent a leisurely morning walking all the trails and finally getting soaking wet on the last boardwalk when the wind shifted and brought all the spray our direction.


After lunch we returned to the Argentinean side of the falls where we could approach, view, and feel the falls from a number of angles. It is an awesome sight and photos cannot do it justice but I tried.






We returned to our hotel late afternoon just as  the rain started, how’s that for good timing!   Two brave souls decided to take the boat ride where they traveled  through the Iguaçu River Canyon, passing through a few river rapids, before reaching the calm side of San Martin Island. From there they sailed on for upclose views of two of the park’s waterfalls—first to Tres Mosqueteros for a view of both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides of Iguassu, and then to the largest and most impressive waterfall, the San Martin.


Meanwhile back at the hotel we were sitting in our room reading when I looked up and the sky was darkening, within minutes the thunder and lightening began, strike after strike; all I could think about were Mary and Mike out in the boat. After about an hour we went down to the bar to wait for their return. It wasn’t long before Mary’s husband joined us, he was worried so we helped distract him until Mary and Mike walked in soaking wet from head to toe leaving puddles as they made their way across the lobby – home safe.

Listening to their description of the ride I am glad that we opted out.



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