Santa Fe, New Mexico

We were invited by friends who were house-sitting in Santa Fe to join them for a few days and well, the idea of a sun break in December was quite appealing and the opportunity to visit with friends who, while they live in our area (Poulsbo), we don’t see often enough; it didn’t take long for us to say yes.

Santa Fe had received a few inches of snow just before we arrived and the temperatures had plummeted so it was still on the ground and the surrounding hills and mountains looked as though someone had sprinkled them with powdered sugar.

Our friends met picked us up in Albuquerque and we made our way north to their friend’s house located in the hills on the outskirts of Santa Fe.   It was a lovely home nicely tucked into its surroundings and offering beautiful views from every window to the juniper-covered landscape. The yard was filled with bird feeders and I would guess keeping them filled is full time job as they were rarely without visitors; under the trees the quail cleaned up whatever was spilled from the feeders.


Our home away from home in Santa Fe

The homeowners had left piles of books, magazines and maps of the area to aid in our exploration, it was overwhelming but with the help of Cori we settled on a trip north tomorrow to Ghost Ranch where Georgia O’Keefe called home for a period of her life and where she painted many of her most memorable scenes.



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