Today we finally get into the water for some snorkeling, so excited. We boarded a catamaran and headed out from Keauhou Bay south along the Kona coast. After being outfitted with our snorkel gear we enjoyed a buffet breakfast  en route to the first snorkeling stop. Bottlenose dolphins followed the boat for a while, swimming alongside the bow and entertaining all aboard.

Keauhou Bay

Keauhou Bay



Here we go


Time to get into the water. . . it was a bit cold but we quickly got used to it or forgot about it  as we were totally distracted by the fish. I had forgotten how much I love to snorkel; it is like going into a trance like state floating on the water watching the fish ballet below, so easy to lose track of time.


We had about 1 ½ hours here and then off to another spot. I was ecstatic to see that our group was alone at both spots, no other boats. I had been fearful that all the tour boats would end up at the same spots and we would be combat snorkeling but it was not at all like that.

The first area had a number of different fish, not in very large numbers, but beautiful colors. I guess that I have been spoiled by the snorkeling in Belize and the Cook Islands where the schools are large and much more varied but this experience was more than enough to rekindle my love of snorkeling!

The second spot was better, with a larger reef area close to the surface so for those of us who are blind without glasses we could still see the beautiful fish. Here we saw pretty much the same fish but in slightly larger numbers . . . beautiful!  We tried to swim to an area where there were butterfly fish but the waves were high and the water too murky so we abandoned that idea and went back to the reef.

Lunch was served on board and we enjoyed basking in the sun, watching some crazy kids climbing a nearby shear cliff to dive, someone said 70 feet, into the water.  Quite a show for the tourists although I didn’t see them asking anyone for money – perhaps the boat pays for the performance.


When everyone was finished with lunch we headed back making a quick stop in Keylakekua Bay to see the Captain Cook Memorial and were surprised by a large number of spinner dolphins playing in the bay.

Now this looked like the place to snorkel! The best part of the bay is accessed only by trail or kayak and the trail involves a very steep 1,300-foot elevation gain on the way out, after you are exhausted from snorkeling all day.   I did read where you could rent kayaks at a nearby beach that had car access but couldn’t work up any interest. I snorkeled here on a past visits but don’t remember the details of how we got to the area – I do remember a wonderful early morning snorkel with not only dolphins but also sea turtles and lots of fish.

Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge



It was such a fun outing but now all I want to do is snorkel . . .


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