Traveling north today to the Kohala District where T&K will entertain themselves zipping through the forest canopy and along with L&J we will check out more beaches and have lunch in the funky little town of Hawi.

First stop Petroglyph Park, a beautiful area but not a petroglyph did we see.  There must have been a trail that we missed although in photos etched figures appeared right along the beach, reportedly hundreds of them . . . don’t know how we could have missed them but we did.  Still it was a beautiful spot and we had a nice walk.


Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve

Driving on to Hawi we had intended to lunch at the Bamboo Garden, a great restaurant that we enjoyed on a previous visit.  Upon arriving we found it closed for the day, bummer.  Now Hawi is not a big town, about 3 blocks long is all but there were other restaurants and we decided on Sushi Rock – fabulous lunch!


Sushi Rock

After lunch we drove out to coastal overlook where George braved all the warning signs and went part way down the beach trail before turning back.  Apparently the signs did not overstate the dangers.



We found Kēōkea Beach Park, a small local park where watched the waves crashing into the shore, totally mesmerized by the patterns and rhythm of the waves, nature is awesome . . . we are easily entertained.






All the time we were enjoying the beaches and lunch our travel partners the T&K were harassing up for a day of zip lining through the canopy on what they thought would be a one-line zip but turned into 9 separate lines each one longer and higher then the last. Their day was definitely exhilarating, fun, scary and thrilling all at the same time.



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