Home again, home again . . .

We had a relaxing morning at the hotel until time for our driver to take us to the airport.  It was a most beautiful day, warm and sunny and hard to leave.  The time has passed quickly, we have seen so much, so many waterfalls and I never did tire of them.

So here I will post a series of photos of our accommodations throughout the trip.  They were all quite simple and clean in Nordic fashion.  Each included a nice breakfast and had a restaurant where we would eat dinner.  Most of these little places were quite isolated, once you leave Reykjavik settlements are small and a good distance from one another.

In Reykjavik we stayed at the Fosshotel Lind; it was within walking distance of everything and a couple of blocks off the main street so it was quiet.


Fosshótel Lind

Foss Hotel Lind

Along the Golden Circle route we stayed at a farm, Efsti Dabur in charming little cabins a short walk to the building that housed a  restaurant and ice creamery with windows looking into the barn where the cows were lazily munching hay.  The ice cream was delish!

Efsti Dalur Farm

On the South Coast we stayed in a “chain hotel”,  the Icelandair Hotel Klaustur in Kirkjubæjarklaustur.  It was modern and the rooms were nice but nothing special, it did not have the charm of the smaller guesthouses and farms, however, the breakfast buffet was wonderful.

Icelandair Hótel Clausuur

Still on the south coast but farther east we enjoyed another small farmstay at Hoffell.  Horses grazed in the field and mountains rose in the distance, the face of a glacier at the end of the field; it was all quite remarkable landscape and great fun to watch the young foals in the field.

Hoffell Farmstay


In the north we stayed near Lake Myvatn at the Hotel Laxá, a very nice hotel perched on a high mound with nothing around it but beautiful open views of the surrounding mountains.  The restaurant was excellent and the breakfast hearty.

Hotel Laxá

Hótel Laxá
Still in the north we had one more farm stay at the Hofsstadir Guesthouse near Saudárkrók.  A group of cabins sat on a hillside and field adjacent to the long driveway were full of horses; a river ran through the valley below and clouds covered some of the distant mountains, another beautiful setting.  Each little cabin had a patio and view to the river below, lovely.  The restaurant served a delicious dinner and a nice breakfast.

Hofsstaòir Guesthouse

Hofsstaòir Guesthouse

View from our patio

We spent our last night back at the Fosshótel Lind in Reykjavik and walked through town one last time to enjoy another great meal at the Icelandic Fish & Chips restaurant by the harbor.

Susan was up early and took another walk through town to do a little shopping, we joined her after breakfast on one more run through town to pick up a few items.

Our driver arrived right at 1 p.m. and off we went to the airport located about one hour out of town.  Check-in went smoothly, security was okay, more shopping and then we learned there was still one more security check so we hustled a bit but made it through to the International terminal waiting area with about 30 minutes to spare.  The terminal was crowded and there were very few seats, I mean very few!  I counted maybe 6 per flight.  I’ve never seen anything like it but it must have been by design as it looks to be a fairly modern building. People were standing shoulder to shoulder or siting on the floor, sitting on the stairs, sitting wherever there was space and by the time we were boarding there was no more space.  This was the international terminal, I wonder what the domestic side looks like.


Our flight home was uneventful.  One neat thing that Susan had pointed out that we had totally missed on the flight from Seattle were the overhead lights.  They strobe like the northern lights, it was pretty cool.


Our last glimpse of Iceland, for now . . .



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