Heading to the mountains and points east

Finally we are about to embark on a camping trip, it is August 29, nearly the end of the season for Mt. Rainier. Early in the spring I had carved out 6 weeks on our calendar for camping but other things kept coming up that we really wanted to do and the time quickly diminished to 4 weeks. When it finally did come time to hit the road we tried to move Vincent, our van, out of the garage to begin cleaning and restocking but the van would not start. We called a towing service, they came to jump the van and voila it started.   Our first mistake was to let it sit again for a couple of days so when we began the cleaning/packing process again a few days later again the van would not start. So, again, we called the towing company and again they responded but were told the battery was DOA so we had it towed to a local repair shop, explained the problem and left the van for a new battery and a “once-over” to make sure everything else was in good shape. They replaced the battery, the rear brakes and other little things so we thought we were good to go. Erring on the side of caution we opted for a quick overnight trip just to make sure that, in fact, we were “good to go”.

We head up to Snoqualmie Pass for a quick overnight. Dinnertime and the counter top that covers our sink and stove would not stay up on it’s own. Not a good thing. We managed to jerry rig it to stay up so we could cook but the propane stove lit with a very small flame, not really strong enough to cook anything and when I turned it off to try again it wouldn’t light. Are you kidding me? The propane stove is not rocket science!

We pulled out our old backpacking stove and managed to cook dinner but knew these things needed attending before we went out for any length of time. So once we returned home we started calling RV repair places only to find it would be at least 3 weeks before anyone could take us. So we delayed our trip once again for necessary maintenance oi vey!

Aug. 29…we go! The van is clean, packed and we are hopeful that everything will run smoothly. It didn’t take long for doubts to creep in, on starting up the van there was an odd noise that sounded like it was coming from the air vents . . . maybe a leaf was stuck in the air vent but then it sounded like it was coming from the back cabin so I got out and opened the door. The noise was coming from the speaker. . . huh? It didn’t make any sense to me, the noise was coming from the front air vents and the rear speaker . . . oh good grief, now what?

George went ahead and pulled out of the driveway thinking maybe once we were underway it would stop, it did not. About ½ block away George realized that it was the radio, not set on a channel. He turned off the radio and the noise stopped.  Brilliant eh? One thing about getting older, it is really easy to entertain yourself with the stupid things that you do.

We are on the road at 11:30 a.m. YAY! The plan was to stop and visit friends near Crystal Mountain before looking for a campsite near Mt. Rainier National Park. We found Tom and Diane’s home easily and visited for a bit then went for a long walk along the White River near their home. It was good to see old friends and to possibly hatch a plan for a winter trip with them.

White River

White River

Salmon Rearing

Salmon Rearing

Not far down the road from their house we turned into Silver Springs Campground and found a lovely site with a little stream running behind the van. The White River was across the road. By the time we finished dinner it was bedtime and the river serenaded us all night.

Behind our campsite

A llittle creek ran behind our campsite

Campsite at Silver Springs

Our campsite at Silver Springs


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