Continuing east

We were in no rush this morning as our drive to the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park is only 1-½ hours away so we did laundry, had a leisurely breakfast and took one last ride on the Richland Riverfront Bike Trail.

The music festival in the park continues today but with a much smaller crowd this morning. I suspect folks are still at church, this is a very conservative area and we have seen a lot of references to “Christian” activities and, sadly, to Trump.

There was a new addition to the festivities this morning, the American Pride; a paddle wheeler out of Portland tied up at the dock. The boat cruises the Columbia and Snake Rivers from Portland to Clarkston stopping at riverside ports each night.  We stop for a couple of photos and continue down the trail; it is a much easier riding today with the smaller crowds. Yesterday’s ride was a challenge with kids running across the path, dogs and pedestrians who don’t know right from left and the worst of all were the Pokémon devotees walking with their faces firmly fixed to their phones, oblivious to the world around them. These were kids and adults, they never look up, and create a real hazard to the bike rider. We clear the park and have a nice 11-mile ride, retracing our route of yesterday.

American Pride

American Pride

At our turnaround point on the trail there was a reminder that we are in Hanford territory. There was an environmental monitoring station that collects and analyzes air samples for levels of radiation. The Hanford Nuclear site is just about 7 miles up river.

This river path is a real treasure for the city, beautifully crafted and maintained with benches and/or swings set along the entire length. With the exception of a couple of restaurants and hotels the riverfront has been left open to the public. We were pleasantly surprised by this area of Richland.

Richland Bike Path

Richland Bike Path

Time to move east towards Walla Walla.

Clouds over wheat fields

Clouds over wheat fields

We spent the night in a scruffy state park about 20 miles from Walla Walla, the only place we could find a spot, probably the least attractive park I’ve seen in Washington but for one night it was just fine; beggars can’t be choosers and it is Labor Day weekend so we feel lucky to find anything.



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