Waistburg and Walla Walla

Another beautiful sunny day and we stopped for a quick tour of Waitsburg, it is a very small town, the main street is only 3 blocks long.  The old buildings have all been fixed up and nicely painted so we thought a few photos were in order.  There were also a number of sidewalk sculptures; a lot of money has gone into renovating the little town but oddly many of the buildings were empty so we wondered if the renovation was a town project done with the hopes of luring businesses and drawing some of the tourist dollars from visitors to Walla Walla.

The back road into Walla Walla from Waitsburg was through beautiful rolling wheat fields highlighted by a bright blue sky and puffy white clouds, gorgeous day!

Red Barn

Red Barn

Blue, blue skies

Blue, blue skies


Cutie pie next to the road

In Walla Walla, our room was not quite ready so we walked to Olive Marketplace for lunch where we shared an enormous turkey club sandwich and giant oatmeal cookie, yum, and yum.

By the time we got back to the hotel our room was ready and we settled in to wait for our friends, who arrived just a few minutes later.

We had plans to join our other friends for a picnic dinner at their motor home at 6 p.m. but first appetizers in the lounge at the Marcus Whitman, always a delight! An order of chorizo stuffed mushrooms and calamari whetted our appetites for dinner.

We joined the Carlstroms for a fun evening of wine, food and laughs, a great way to kick off our Walla Walla adventure.


The guys harassing the stoned wildlife


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