Walla Walla to Boardman OR

A transition day switching from glamping to camping but before leaving the lovely Marcus Whitman Hotel and Walla Walla we had a few chores to take care of. First stop by the bicycle shop to have the flat tire on George’s bike fixed, the culprit “goat heads”. The fellow at Argosy Cycles had us on the road in no time. We needed to restock the van with groceries and fuel and then one more winery.

We found Canoe Ridge on the edge of town in an old railway building. We sampled a few of their estate wines and purchased a couple of bottles of their cab.

Finally, on the road again . . .

Arrow CloudEntering Oregon the clouds guided us to a sweet little campsite on the banks of the Columbia River in Boardman. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze off the river. Train tracks run along both sides of the Columbia River through Gorge all the way to Portland so the campsites are peaceful only until the freight trains rumble through, many, many freight trains with hundreds of cars and mostly at night but we have made peace with them and find it a small price to pay to camp in such a beautiful area so, for now, we are happy campers.

Our Campsite view of the Columbia at Boardman OR

Our Campsite view of the Columbia at Boardman OR

Our Campsite view of the Columbia at Boardman OR

The marina at Boardman OR

After dinner we rode what we thought was a trail through the campground but, in fact, is the Columbia River Heritage Trail that will eventually be a 25-mile trail, at sunset it is a beautiful ride with long shadows and muted desert colors, the sunset reflecting on the river and the clouds putting on a show of their own; my camera was back in the van. The trail was an unexpected delight.

Sunset on the Columbia

Sunset on the Columbia



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