Hood River

The trains rumbled through camp all night as expected but we still managed to get a little sleep in between runs. I only had one flashback of video from the derailment of an oil train in early June of this year that resulted in a spectacular fire, evacuation of a town and closure of a 23-mile stretch of I-84 . . . sweet dreams.

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

We continued east along the Columbia River and about 25 miles east of Biggs we began to see fishing nets set in the river, it must the salmon run. The native people are allowed to net salmon in various parts of the river and they were out in large numbers today.

As we entered the Columbia River Gorge Mt. Hood made its grand entrance.

In Hood River we stopped to fill the propane tank and then continued on to secure a campsite in Viento State Park before returning to Hood River for lunch at the Full Sail Brewing Company.

From the patio we could see large numbers of wind surfers out on the river, chasing the wind and with 19 mph winds they were flying.

After lunch we wandered down to the beach to watch them for a while.   They were having some trouble carrying the sails and boards to the water for launch but once in the water they flew, some of them actually going airborne. There were wind surfers and then some people on boards and kites that were pulling them so I don’t know if they are called kite surfers or what but it was a perfect day to be on the water.

Back at the campsite George discovered that now his rear tire is flat necessitating another stop in Hood River tomorrow morning before we can ride the trail, damn goat heads!

Also this campground is very close to the train tracks. I’ll try to get a photo as one goes by, we can see them right through the trees and have to cross the tracks to reach the river. Vent is not a very pretty campground but again, we are not spending much time here other than to sleep . . .  at least I hope we get to sleep in between trains.

Train rumbling through camp, it's the yellow blur

Train rumbling through camp, it’s the yellow blur behind the picnic table

At 6:30 p.m. after listening to 3 trains rumble through in the last hour I am thinking that maybe we will skip another night in the gorge and head for the hills where it is quiet.

From Viento St Park

Sunset in the Gorge


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