Columbia River Bike Trail

The morning was full of drama, George discovered that now his rear tire was flat so another trip into a bike shop was high priority. Most likely another goat head on the one tire that did not have a “slime” tire.

Then, as we were packing up to leave the campground I realized that I did not have my wallet and thus began a frantic, systematic tearing apart of the van . . . nothing found . . . called the restaurant in Hood River . . . nothing turned in . . . kept looking . . . nothing found . . . checked the bank statement online and everything was fine, there were no odd charges . . . the wallet had to be somewhere in the van. That was mildly reassuring.

We quit obsessing and decided to deal with the tire first. We found the bike repair shop in Hood River and they were able to fix George’s tire right away. While he waited for the tire I continued to tear apart the van looking for my wallet. Low and behold it was in a cubbyhole where we store various pots and pans.  It was stuffed inside the upside down colander, nice and safe!  I always did like the saying “one of the nice things about growing older is you can hide your own Easter eggs”.

Much relieved, wallet found, bike tire repaired we made our way to the Senator Mark O. Hatfield Trailhead for a beautiful 10-mile bike ride along the Columbia River. From the western end the trail begins with a steep uphill, in fact, with many more ups than I remembered but then the rewards are the nice long downhill’s. As we came out of the Mosier tunnels there were rocks on either side of the trail and the unmistakable urgent warning of a rattlesnake in the rocks.   We encountered two more on the ride down I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES, especially those with rattles!

Near Mosier there is a great lookout over the river where we stopped for a little nourishment and a chance to thoroughly soak in the spectacular view. A great ride!

Columbia River Bike trail near Hood River

Columbia River Bike trail near Hood River

Columbia River lookout from bike trail

Columbia River lookout from bike trail

Private island in the river

A privately owned island in the river



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