A long (12 hours) night of restful sleep and I feel human once again! To make things easy we ate breakfast at the hotel and again the food was delicious. George had a salmon sweet potato hash and I a chorizo scramble served with perfect hash brown, crispy on the outside and not greasy YUM!

Rather than head home and get mired in Sunday traffic we diverted to Mt. Rainier for our last visit of the season, this time the Paradise side of the mountain. We turned onto Highway 12 toward Morton and the Trump signs began to appear, lots of them it was a little scary just how many there were.

When we left the little town of Ashford it was a little disconcerting to see signs warning of a 1 hour wait at the entrance to the park – road work. It is Sunday so we hoped they were not working today and we could pass easily into the park. We did.

After securing a campsite at Cougar Rock Campground we drove up to Paradise for a late afternoon hike. This is the most beautiful place, no matter the weather and today there were low clouds hiding the mountain but breaking now and again to allow the sun to spotlight the surrounding peaks.


We hiked to Myrtle Falls and then headed east on the skyline trail. This place always renews my spirit even when the top of the mountain does not reveal itself; we know it’s there and I find myself focusing on things that I might otherwise miss.  We were surprised just how many people were still around when we headed back down to camp late on a Sunday evening.

Above Myrtle Falls

Above Myrtle Falls


A few remaining wildflowers

Marmots and Chipmunks




After dinner we took a walk through camp then across the street to a trail along the Nisqually River.

Sunsetting over the Nisqually River

Sunsetting over the Nisqually River

Our visit to Mt. Rainier was the perfect end to our mini-vacation.


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