After our visit to the Hassan II Mosque we stopped for lunch en route and then headed to the mountainside city of Chefchaouen nestled between two mountains and perched in the foothills of the Riff Mountains.  The name “Chefchaouen” comes from a Berber phrase that means “watch the horns,” a reference to the Tisouka and Megou mountains that rise dramatically above the city like a pair of horns.

Street Mural

Mural near entrance to town


The main square

The main square

Chefchaouen is a good example of the country’s geographical and architectural diversity and known for its distinctive white and indigo lime-washed buildings, the blue believed to ward off mosquitoes.  The steep narrow streets, small squares, ornate fountains and houses with elaborately decorated doorways and red tile roofs make this little town a photographers dream . . . so much blue.


Narrow walkways


Combining the blue with tile work


Simple but beautiful


A Fountain


Adding  just a splash of yellow


and the cats . . . they are everywhere in Morocco, literally everywhere


And then there is the amazing mosaic work, this adorned the outdoor area of a restaurant, very splashy and a bit of whimsy.


More tiles



This is a large oven where women would bring their bread to be baked.


Carpets on display


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