The Medina of Marrakesh

Marrakesh is one of the ancient cross-roads of North Africa and losing one’s self in the medina of Marrakesh is a MUST.  It tantalizes all the senses with  the smell of roasting meats, aromatic herbs, the colors are bold and demand your attention, the souks beckon, the tranquil courtyards and the quiet rooftop terraces draw you in, shops dazzle with copper pots and silver trays,  stalls display colorful preserved lemons, peppers and olives, carts of fresh produce and dried fruits leave you longing for a taste, lantern shops cast a magical glow and sunlight streams through the slatted roof. At night the market turns into a feast not only for the eyes but also for the belly as carts line the square cooking up Moroccan “fast” food.  It is no wonder this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Pillows and Fabrics

Chef Extraordinaire

Chef Extraordinaire




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