Bahia Palace in Marrakesh

Bahia Palace was completed in 1900. The construction was the work of Si Moussa grand vizir to the sultan and intended to serve the personal uses of the sultan. His harem was housed here, and it included an enormous court decorated with a central basin with the concubines dwelling in a series of surrounding rooms. The whole complex is quite large, covering more than 19 acres and is comprised of a series of walled gardens, pavilions and courtyard structures. It is still used by the Moroccan government as a formal venue for receiving special guests, foreign dignitaries.



Artisans worked for 15 years to complete the palace and salons contain intricate inlaid and painted ceilings.

Only a portion of the rooms and gardens are open to the public but they are lavish and offer a glimpse of the kingdom’s former opulence and its remarkable craftsmen.



The Courtyard


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