Oregon Garden

We heard rain drops and a little wind during the night but nothing to cause concern, however, after awaking to some blue sky and feeling optimistic about the day we packed up quickly after breakfast to continue our journey south into Oregon only to be met by rain a short distance down the road and then a few miles farther by a torrential rains and this before we even made it to the interstate. It was nearly impossible to see the road in some spots and then ahead we saw bright sky and so it went for the rest of the day, drifting in and out of the rain squalls.

By the time we reached Silverton the skies had brightened and we were seeing blue and seized the opportunity to explore the Oregon Garden under dry skies. It was beautiful even though we are ahead of most blooms. We had a good long ramble and then lunch at the resort consisting of  appetizers in the lounge, we missed lunch but no worries, we ordered coconut shrimp and a smoked salmon flatbread pizza with capers, red onions and a dill cream sauce, delicious. We also sampled the Oregon Garden Chardonnay and found it quite wonderful, with a lively taste to our liking. We’ll have to look for it in Eugene.

The resort itself was a lovely place with cabins scattered about the grounds, a first class restaurant, spa and access to the gardens. We thought it would be a fun place to return during one of the garden events . . . maybe the Christmas lights.

Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR

Contorted trunk of a willow tree, reminds me of a dancing lady.

Silver Falls State Park was just 18 miles down the road and a beautiful drive through rolling hills and fields of the bright green of spring. We checked in for 2 nights and did a short hike through the campground and a nature trail before dinner. Tomorrow weather permitting we will walk the waterfall trails. 10 waterfalls in 8.7 miles and with all the recent rains and warmer temperatures they should be spectacular.

Driving the country roads to Silver Falls State Park


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