Bullard Beach & Simpson Beach

We awoke to glorious sunshine and blue sky . . . can it last all day? By the time we had finished breakfast it was raining so we relaxed and had another cup of coffee. The squall passed and the sun reappeared oh joy! The rangers arrive in force to the next campsite, uh oh are we in trouble? No, they were here to cut down a tree that was leaning over the evacuation trail we had walked yesterday, we knew the one he was talking about and were reassured it would be gone by the end of the day.

Today’s excursion was to retrace our steps north to Coos Bay and then out to Shore Acres State Park, the estate of timber baron, Simpson. On the way we stopped at Sunset Bay a beautiful little secluded cove, and today very not crowded. We watched the rollers come in for some time and back at the car talked to a local who was getting ready to surf. He was a very friendly fellow, having lived here since the age of 13, now 63. He and George struck up a conversation about aging and staying fit and then he asked some rather pointed questions that I felt were a little creepy.   We tried to retreat to the van but he was happy to keep talking. It was a little awkward but that’s probably just our “city paranoia”.

Not far from Sunset Bay is Shore Acres State Park, an absolutely beautiful piece of property perched on a cliff above the sea with magnificent gardens, something blooming for every season. Today the azaleas were at peak, daffodils and tulips were still showing lots of color but waning and the camellias and rhodys were just blossoming. We walked the whole garden, down the trail along the headlands and down to Simpson Beach, trying to imagine what it would be like to have THIS as your front yard.

Simpson Headlands

Leaving the gardens we continued on to Simpson Reef a short distance, pulled off and as soon we exited the car we could hear the sea lions out on the reef, they were easy to spot.

It had been a full day and a full day of sun, glorious!!! We had to stop at the market in Bandon for some supplies and . . . the Creamery where George ordered a child’s size cup of ice cream (it was huge). I opted for some aged sharp cheddar and St. Augur blue cheese – perfect for appetizers.

Great Day!



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