Rain, Rain, Rain, more rain, we are done with rain and have decided to turn back north and work our way home, hoping for a few sun breaks along the way. This has been a very wet trip and we’ve decided to cut out losses and head north toward home. We drove in the rain until Bandon when the sun came out; we stopped for lunch at the Creamery and then walked through town soaking up the sunshine before continuing on to Florence.

Florence Riverfront

We had a fabulous meal in Florence at the Waterfront Depot, a small restaurant on the riverfront, starting with crab stuffed mushrooms, filled with sweet Dungeness crab on a creamy dill sauce, delicious!  George ordered a Dungeness crab Caesar salad that was piled high with crab and I had crab encrusted halibut on a bed of chili cream sauce, the best halibut I’ve ever had.  As if that wasn’t rich enough we had dessert, a slice of tres leches cake.  We waddled back to our hotel and collapsed.

Waterfront Depot



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